• The latest Toyota coverage

    “Toyota was asked in  2007 to consider installing software to prevent sudden acceleration” — Los Angeles Times, 3/14/10

    “Toyota is just the latest automaker to face auto safety litigation” — Los Angeles Times, 3/14/10

    “D.A. sues Toyota, claiming defects and deception” — Orange County Register, 3/13/10

    “Haven’t found that software glitch, Toyota? Keep trying” — Los Angeles Times, 3/12/10

    “Toyota faces a growing number of probes in the U.S.” — Los Angeles Times, 3/12/10

    “Analysis finds uneasy mix in auto industry and regulation” — Washington Post, 3/9/10

    “Toyota reviewing U.S. report of Prius with stuck gas pedal” — Business Week, 3/9/10

    “Toyota workers raised safety concerns with bosses in 2006 memo” — Los Angeles Times, 3/8/10

    “Millions of Toyotas recalled, none in Japan”  –  New York Times, 3/6/10

    “Lawmakers want Toyota to disclose results of electronics tests” — Los Angeles Times, 3/6/10

    “Calls grow for throttle safeguard” — Los Angeles Times, 3/3/10

    “Toyota’s fix is a bust, owners claim” — Los Angeles Times, 3/3/10

    “Toyota sued over August crash that killed CHP officer and three family members” — Los Angeles Times, 3/3/10

    “Toyota executives lobbied Japan for safety changes” — Bloomberg News, 3/2/10

    “Senate panel calls NHTSA response to Toyota safety issues ‘deeply troubling’” — Los Angeles Times, 3/2/10

    “Toyota’s enablers” — Ralph Nader in the Los Angeles Times, 2/28/10

    At least 56 people have died in Toyota accidents in which sudden acceleration has been alleged — Los Angeles Times, 2/28/10

    “Lawmakers just getting started on scrutiny of Toyota” — Los Angeles Times, 2/28/10

    “Toyota accused of withholding data” — New York Times, 2/26/10

    “Lawmakers just getting started on scrutiny of Toyota” — Los Angeles Times, 2/26/10

    “Toyota president apologizes for safety lapses” — Los Angeles Times, 2/25/10

    “Toyota grilled over lobbying efforts, ties to regulators” — National Law Journal, 2/25/10

    “In Congress, Toyota Chief Takes ‘Full Responsibility’”– New York Times, 2/24/10

    “Toyota’s president is likely to learn what other corporate kings have when appearing at congressional hearings” — Los Angeles Times, 2/24/10

    “Electronics could be a factor in Toyota’s sudden acceleration” — Los Angeles Times, 2/24/10

    “Toyota unsure how to solve safety issues” — Washington Post, 2/24/10