• State shuts down residential care facility after elder abuse Friday, January 14, 2011

    Video showing abuse of a woman at a Fair Oaks, Calif., residential care facility who later died in part as a result of overdoses of medications–including one drug that had not been prescribed–has led the state to order the facility to shut down.

    The California Department of Social Services took action January 13 to suspend the license of Fair Oaks Residential Elderly Care after an investigation turned up many violations involving a number of residents.

    The state took action after investigating a complaint filed by family members of Kyong Hui Duncan who had installed a camera in her room with the knowledge of the facility’s administrators.

    According to a report in the Sacramento Bee by Cynthia Hubert:

    One of the concerns the state cites stems from the “Grannycam” clip, which shows staff members moving Duncan from the floor to her wheelchair, then dumping the chair backward with Duncan in it and shaking it. Among other allegations: that staff members improperly restrained Duncan and failed to quickly attend to her after she had fallen.Once, the state alleges, family members arrived to find Duncan, crying and unattended, positioned upside down in her wheelchair. The order also cites instances in which Duncan suffered mysterious bruises and infections that went untreated.

    Duncan’s autopsy report showed potentially toxic levels of narcotics in her system, at least one of which her doctor had never prescribed, according to the document….

    The state also accuses the home of fire code violations, failing to dispose of contaminated needles, using prescription medicines that had expired and forging prescriptions.

    Sacramento TV station KXTV (News 10) aired this report, which includes some of the video showing the abuse:

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