• More than 2,000 former NFL players join in concussion lawsuit Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Washington Post: “Retired pro football players have been filing lawsuits against the National Football League, claiming the sport withheld information related to head trauma suffered while playing the game,” writes Rick Maese. More than 85 suits involving more than 2,000 former players have been combined into one master complaint filed in Philadelphia, with claims including negligence, fraud and wrongful death. Attorney Tom Girardi, who represents some of the former players, said, “For the longest time, guys dealt with this [the effects of head trauma injuries] in private. They didn’t know others were experiencing the same sorts of problems. It’s embarrassing for these guys to talk about. If you break your leg at the office, you hobble around, but it’s not embarrassing. But when you talk about having a little mental problem, that’s pretty difficult for these guys to talk about.”

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