• California Bar Exam pass rates by law school Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    This post includes statistics from the July 2009 bar exam. For a look at statistics from the July 2010 exam, go to this post.

    The State Bar of California has released data from last July’s administration of the California Bar Examination.  Names of all 4,997 who passed are available on the State Bar web site, but ProtectConsumerJustice.org has obtained some breakdowns of the data we thought you would find interesting.

    More than two-thirds (70.4%) of the 6,152 applicants who were taking the general bar examination for the first time passed.  Only 22.1% of the 2,515 repeaters who took the exam were successful.  Here’s the breakdown for first-time exam takers by racial/ethnic group, with the number of test takers in each group:

    Ethnic Pass Rates

    Broken down by gender, the pass rate for first-time test takers was almost identical:  70.8% for males, 70.1% for females.  (Slightly more than half those first-timers, 52.8%, were male.)  For repeaters, women had a slightly better pass rate, 23.1% to 21.3%.  (A majority of repeaters, 54.8%, were male.)

    The law school that had the most graduates taking the bar exam was UC Hastings College of the Law, which also had the most graduates pass.  But while 86% of Hastings alums taking the exam for the first time passed in July, that was not the highest pass rate among California’s ABA-approved law schools.  Here’s that breakdown, with the number of graduates who passed and the number of graduates who were taking the exam for the first time:

    Law School Pass Rates

    Note that the pass rate for first-timers from California ABA-approved schools was 79%, nine points higher than the overall pass rate.

    While Berkeley and Stanford and had the highest pass rates for California law schools, three out-of-state law schools had even higher rates, led by Yale.  All 39 graduates of Yale Law School who took the California bar exam for the first time in July passed.  Harvard had more graduates take the exam than any other out-of-state school, and its pass rate was also better than any California school, as was the rate for graduates of New York University.

    Here are the figures for all out-of-state ABA-approved schools that had at least 20 graduates take the exam:

    Out of State Pass Rates

    Harvard led all out-of-state schools with 81 graduates who took the bar exam for the first time in July, followed by Georgetown with 77.  George Washington University was a distant third with 58, edging out Columbia and NYU.

    –J.G. Preston

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9 Responses to “California Bar Exam pass rates by law school”

  1. James Joyce says:

    Is there an authoritative single source for the pass rates of review courses? Thank you.

  2. veronica says:

    The published date states that was was published on January 2010? Where was this information obtained?

  3. jg says:

    The data comes from the State Bar.

  4. gian cansanay says:

    who wrote this?

  5. jg says:

    Sorry, this was meant to be signed and I will now add the signature…author is J.G. Preston.

  6. Lori Beth says:

    For July 2010

    Preliminary statistical analyses show that of the 8,562 applicants who took the GBX, 71.1 percent were first-time takers. The passing rate for 6,084 first-time applicants was 68.0 percent overall. The passing rate for the 2,478 applicants repeating the examination was 22.0 percent overall.

  7. Pepperdine says:

    Your chart omitted Pepperdine whose 2010 bar passage rate was 88%

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    […] was… the California State Bar Exam. The California State Bar Exam is famously one of the two most difficult in the country. The SCALE passage rate was well above the passage rate for accredited schools, but […]

  9. WhoCares says:

    Who cares about pepperdine law school? Has anyone ever heard of it? Might as well share Widener’s as well

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