Welcome to ProtectConsumerJustice.org, a project of Civil Justice Research & Education Project.

    This site’s goal is to honestly report on consumer, legal and political issues important to the American civil justice system.

    The bulk of the articles will be researched, written and edited by people who understand the importance of factual information, particularly as traditional sources of news and information shrink. We will gather information from a variety of trusted sources, and present it without rhetoric and bombast.

    The main contributors are veterans of the news industry.

    Eric Bailey spent 26 years as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times, covering major state and national stories.  He has written extensively about the environment, drug policy, and state government.  In 2000 he covered the presidential campaign and the Florida recount.  He was a member of the Times’ state capitol bureau in Sacramento before he joined Consumer Attorneys of California as communications director in January 2010.

    J.G. Preston also has three decades of news experience, including 20 years working for public television in Minnesota, and four working for commercial television and radio in Sacramento.  In addition to his work on this site, Preston is press secretary for Consumer Attorneys of California.

    We at ProtectConsumerJustice.org do take a stand. We believe in the importance of the 7th Amendment and the civil justice system. There is nothing frivolous about that system. As reporters, we found that the civil court system was an unending source of interesting and important stories. We will continue to tell those stories as we ply our trade at ProtectConsumerJustice.org.

    ProtectConsumerJustice.org  is a project of Civil Justice Research & Education Project, a nonprofit corporation set up under the Internal Revenue Code. Seven attorneys founded the project in 2005 as a means of entering the public debate in defense of the civil justice system, and countering attacks on it. Their goal was and remains to protect your right to access to the courts.

    We support good business people, and know the vast majority are honest. But some moneyed interests seek to restrict individuals’ access to the courts for their own selfish reasons. They have spent untold millions on a sophisticated campaign to denigrate the importance of the civil justice system and the 7th Amendment right of individuals who have been wronged to a jury trial.

    The reason for the attack on the civil justice system is clear. America’s court system is a great equalizer. Though not perfect, the court system allows paupers to stand as equals against industrial titans. Through the 7th Amendment, individuals can hold the world’s largest corporations responsible for their greed, pollution, defective products and rip-offs.

    Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will come again as we regularly update the news and expand the site. Please take the time to send us your comments and suggestions.